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Do you fancy [Daenerys]? …Um, Yeah. I fancy her. — Iain Glen (x)

Oh Iain, you are a very good-looking man.
Emilia Clarke, Mhysa Commentary.

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So say we all.

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So Emilia Clarke and Iain Glen as Jorah and the Khaleesi - two of the most passionate, dedicated actors you’ve ever seen. Part of what’s so fun about the two of them is that they speak in looks. They know each other so well that in between takes they’ll look at each other and say as much as, like, “The thing with the-” “Yeah, I know, I should’ve…” “Yeah, right” and then go back in and have a great take.
Game of Thrones Director Alex Graves, And Now His Watch Is Ended Commentary

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Ser Jorah, episode 3x08

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Tayloring [ 9 / 30 ]

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For those who haven’t seen Iain Glen in the Jack Taylor films are in for a treat! He is amazing as always!

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