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I left Doctor Who because I could not get along with the senior people. I left because of politics. I did not see eye-to-eye with them. I didn’t agree with the way things were being run. I didn’t like the culture that had grown up, around the series. So I left, I felt, over a principle.

I thought to remain, which would have made me a lot of money and given me huge visibility, the price I would have had to pay was to eat a lot of shit. I’m not being funny about that. I didn’t want to do that and it comes to the art of it, in a way. I feel that if you run your career and– we are vulnerable as actors and we are constantly humiliating ourselves auditioning. But if you allow that to go on, on a grand scale you will lose whatever it is about you and it will be present in your work.

If you allow your desire to be successful and visible and financially secure – if you allow that to make you throw shades on your parents, on your upbringing, then you’re knackered. You’ve got to keep something back, for yourself, because it’ll be present in your work. A purity or an idealism is essential or you’ll become– you’ve got to have standards, no matter how hard work that is. So it makes it a hard road, really.

You know, it’s easy to find a job when you’ve got no morals, you’ve got nothing to be compromised, you can go, ‘Yeah, yeah. That doesn’t matter. That director can bully that prop man and I won’t say anything about it’. But then when that director comes to you and says ‘I think you should play it like this’ you’ve surely got to go ‘How can I respect you, when you behave like that?’

So, that’s why I left. My face didn’t fit and I’m sure they were glad to see the back of me. The important thing is that I succeeded. It was a great part. I loved playing him. I loved connecting with that audience. Because I’ve always acted for adults and then suddenly you’re acting for children, who are far more tasteful; they will not be bullshitted. It’s either good, or it’s bad. They don’t schmooze at after-show parties, with cocktails.

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I haven’t been making enough CE posts lately so I’m trying to make up for that now. Last night I gave you his chest, today I give you scruff, hands and tongue. Enjoy.




/I know she’s here somewhere. I left her right over there./ Stops dead in his tracks. /Harkness. Blasted American. I swear I don’t know how that man ever got elected; spends all of his time — he’d better take his hands off my wife this second./ (via rishidiams)

Put the glasses on! Come on, John!

It’s like, you’re SO sad that one of your favorite fanfics ends but luckily, LUCKILY FOR YOU, Nine happened to be an AU version of the Prime Minister, which means that anytime CE plays anything remotely resembling someone like that, one of your fellow Tumblerites is going to make a gif and some tagfic or some regular fic and you are so pleased. SO PLEASED! Aaaaand then you have to reread the whole thing, or course, or at least the part when he’s all, “you should really go, I’m not fit for company tonight” and she DOES and then there are two excruciatingly heartbreaking seconds before he calls her back…and then they… Sorry, what?
I sort of knew that he wouldn’t. I know Chris a bit. I did a couple of meetings, and there was a moment, I suppose, a giddy moment where [I thought] ‘Would he actually do it?’ This wasn’t the kind of decision he took in a funk or that he was cross. He was very measured, very kind, very gentlemanly about it. He’s a good bloke. If you look at Chris’s career, this is not what he does. The Ninth Doctor turns up for the battle and not the party.
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Nine - “You look familiar to me, do I know you?”
Rose -“I don’t know, but you feel like someone I know.”

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-leans up against him and whispers suggestively into his ear- Talk drama to me. 

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AU - Novem’s Dirge - “I lost her Jack. Her passing’s a fixed point in time and I can’t change it no matter how hard I try to keep reality stable. I could possibly end up wiping out her entire existence if I go too far and here’s the thought that keeps me up at night Jack…I want to go too far because I’m terrified of living my life without her; I’m terrified of waking up and not having her in my arms and I’m losing my mind! Rose…What am I going to do without you, love? How am I going to survive?”

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ASOIAF fancasting:
Christopher Eccleston as Stannis Baratheon

Chris and Billie on the set of Doctor Who, “The end of the World”

Our Not So Conventional Fairy Tale

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You know what they call me in the ancient legends on the Dalek home world? The Oncoming Storm. You might have removed all your emotions, but I reckon right down deep in your DNA there’s one little spark left. And that’s fear. Doesn’t it just burn when you face me?


Guys, if you watch any interview with Chris, one of the first things he says is how important the quality of the script/writing is. If he doesn’t feel like it’s something that speaks to him or to an audience, he won’t do a work. He straight up admits he needed money and that was the reason he did films like GI:Joe and The Seeker: The Dark is Rising.

My point is that I trust Chris to know what’s good for him. Am I sad that my Doctor won’t be in the 50th? Absolutely.

But, on the other hand, I would never want Chris to feel uncomfortable or compromise his ethics for a paycheck when he doesn’t have to. (And, tbh, Chris turning down Moffat after meeting with him and discussing the 50th doesn’t surprise me and kinda confirms, for me at least, that the 50th will be a Moffat shit fest)

I’m gonna trust Chris on this one, no matter how sad I am.

Time travel is like visiting Paris. You can’t just read the guidebook, you’ve got to throw yourself in! Eat the food, use the wrong verbs, get charged double and end up kissing complete strangers! … Or is that just me?

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94-100 | Billie Piper

Not a lot of people understand Chris. He’s quiet and reserved and serious, but there’s an underlying twinkle in his eyes, a mirth and humor that few people are privy to. Billie counts herself lucky that she gets to see this side of him every morning when they’re both warm and sleepy, trudging into hair and make-up in sweatpants cradling styrofoam cups of steaming tea. 

She’s been harboring a crush on him since the first read through, since his rough hand grabbed hers and completely covered her own smaller one. He’d guided her through her first acting role, answering frantic 3am phone calls and letting his Northern burr roll over her, calming her nerves. And if his legs and bum looked damn good in relaxed jeans and a jumper, that didn’t hurt either.

Billie was pretty sure he was catching on to her tiny (okay, massive) crush. The blushing and stammering and stroking of his leather clad arm on set might be getting out of hand. It was the stroking that was outing her. She couldn’t help it. It started with her thumb and forefinger, rubbing the thick, worn material of his jacket absentmindedly on set. Thumb and forefinger turned into her palm rubbing from his elbow down to the cuff of his jacket and soon she was stroking and touching any part of his jacket she could reach.

When she caught his eye, eyebrow arched and questioning, she blushed and muttered something about being in character and Rose would do it. He only smirked and let his hand wrap around her waist, hand tightening on her hip, also mentioning something about staying in character, as well.

Still, it’s the last day of shooting and she might never see him again and she’s missed the chance to raise up on tip toes, grab him by his ears or his leather lapels and snog him breathless. She’s missed the chance to confess to her crush and to thank him and to ghost her hands over his skin. She’s walking off set, phone and bag in hand, cursing herself when a shout of her name has her turning and he’s there, bag in hand, and smile on his face.

“Got you a little something.” He ducked his head nervously and caught her eye. “Didn’t wanna give it to you with everyone staring.” He thrust the bag at her and she took it, confused. Her heart was racing and she was working up the courage to tell him when she saw what was in the bag.

A shiny leather coat is sitting neatly at the bottom of the bag and she looks up sharply at Chris who is shuffling his feet and smiling shyly. He gestures to the bag, “You know, because I won’t be around for you to fondle anymore.” His smirk is sad and happy and Billie is so overwhelmed at the man before her, all complexities and contradictions; hard and soft, serious and funny, handsome and unusual, strong and soft.

She wants to kiss him. So she does. She surges up on her tip toes, hands and arms twining behind his neck, pulling his body down to her, lips covering his own thinner ones, her open mouth catching his muffled exclamation before they are both sinking into each other—arms and hands and bodies entangled. She pulls away breathless, pressing her forehead to his, savoring the moment. 

“Thank you.”

Thank you for the jacket. Thank you for your support. Thank you for being you. Thank you for loving me, however briefly

Years later, after David and his pinstripes, she finds a leather jacket in the back of her closet and she shrugs it over a white dress and remembers the man that loved her.